MillScript is a programming language for the batch creation of Open World's websites. The design of MillScript was a natural continuation of our template based approach to website design, a method that has proved highly effective.

In terms of intellectual inheritance, MillScript is a simplified variant of Spice - an experimental programming language developed at HP Labs, Bristol. Spice, in turn, is a direct descendant of Lisp. However, the designers of Spice were especially concerned with the needs of "occasional" or "cross-over" programmers; people who needed to program as a part, possibly a very minor part, of their job.

This site summarises the language in terms that will be useful to people who are familiar with languages such as JavaScript or Java. It is not a language specification by any stretch of the imagination! It skips lightly over the stuff that is likely to be familiar and dwells on the more unusual features, such as multiple-valued expressions. It may well be worth following this document up by reading through the tutorial.