MinXConf - MinXSON entries for Settings


A common use of MinXSON is describing configuration or settings. Typically a set of configuration options is represented using an object e.g.

    "language": "en",
    "encoding": "utf8",
    "date.format": "DD/MM/YYYY"

The MinXConf format 'sugars' this by allowing you to omit the top-level braces and replace the redundant commas with newlines. So the above example would be written in MinXConf in the following way:

language = "en"
encoding = "utf8"
date.format = "DD/MM/YYYY"


Grammatically, MinXConf is almost identical to MinXSON.

  • Instead of the start being "MinXSON" it is a new production "MinXConf", which is roughly a synonyn for "Entries".
  • A newline is allowed as a "Separator"
  • '#!' comments are allowed at the start of the file and discarded.
MinxConf ::= Entries | Shebang MinXConf
Separator ::= D? [,;#x12]

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