MinXConf Tutorial

How to Parse MinXConf

The class com.steelypip.powerups.minxconf.MinXConfParser is used to parse JSON as MinXML from a java.io.Reader source. For example, we can prepare a file data.minxconf as follows:

// Here's some random configuration values.
foo : 1
bar : 2

To parse this, we simply use the constructor of MinXConfParser to create a parser, which will read from the data.minxconf file once it has been changed into a Reader via java.io.FileReader.

import com.steelypip.powerups.minxconf.MinXConf;
import com.steelypip.powerups.minx.MinXML;
import java.io.FileReader;
import java.io.File;
MinXML m = new MinXConfParser( new FileReader( new File( "data.minxconf" ) ) ).read();

The result looks like this:

    <constant field="foo" type="integer" value="1"/>
    <constant field="bar" type="integer" value="2"/>