MinXML Tutorial

Get Started

These tutorials use the Java MinXML library. It gives more detailed instructions for what to do in Eclipse but you shouldn't find it too difficult to adapt to your own setup. If you have any trouble setting up, just email me letting me know the problem.

First, download an up-to-date release jar-file from the MinXML repository release page. You will need to add that jar-file to your tutorial project. So if you are using Eclipse you should create a new project, call it something like MinXML Tutorial open the Project properties, navigate to the Java Build Path section, click on the Libraries tab, and then Add External Jars …. A good place to put jar-file would be in a top level folder called libraries or even lib.

Now you are ready to go. If you are an experienced programmer, you can safely skip the exercises and go straight to the cheat-sheet section. You can also read the JavaDocs (once I have written them!).